Wednesday, 4 May 2011

recent etsy purchases

i've always found it fun to see what other people buy, especially if it's handmade!

it's was my sisters birthday a while ago, and i got her the following from EpicallyEpicSoaps!

sampler set of 5 mini solid lotions
these are so nice and moisturizing! a few of the lids are quite loose, but the scents are great and actually stay on the skin.

trio of lib balms or tints
yummy! these scents are to die for. get pumpkin pie, it smells like christmas.

next up, LoveandKnit!

another present for the sis...

burgundy slouchy hat

i wear it more than her... eek! a few mistakes but who can tell? as it's winter here soon, i'll have to stock up.

i have a few more to show you, but you'll just have to wait!

till then,
chelsea <3


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog (Circadian Rhythm), I'm so glad to read yours too! Such great Etsy finds here, as if I'm not enough of an Etsy-aholic as it is! -^_^-

  2. No problem! I'm as much of a blog surfer-aholic as I am an etsy-aholic. Once you get a taste, there's no going back =)!