Saturday, 14 May 2011

a thing for gaming...

who doesn't love a bit of mario or donkey kong? i know i do, and these were my latest wii purchases. they are definite must haves, but i warn you, they are extremely addictive!

you have no reason not to be playing these right now =p!


i'm looking for great etsians to feature! pretty please leave your shop link here if you want this. following me will help greatly as well =).

xoxo chelsea


  1. Thanks for coming by Mel Dreams Often! I love your rings! How do you have a slideshow of etsy like that? Can I get that from Etsy or is it somewhere else?

  2. Thanks for the compliment! The slideshow is from here:

    Just copy and paste the code on your blog! =)

  3. Hi, i do love super mario, been playing it with my cousins way back.... thanks for stopping by hey, its marj! appreciate your comment. following you now.

  4. It's a true classic! Thanks for the follow =).