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featured etsy seller: Kirameku

Mint Berry Ring - Limited Edition

Purple and Green Chrysanthemum Necklace

Floral Variation - Original Watercolour
The lovely Maxime is a wonderful Etsy seller under the name 'Kirameku'. She makes lovely beaded rings and some art as well! Read on for more:

Good morning everyone! :D

My name is Maxime and I am the proud owner of Kirameku! * bows * Nice to meet you all! :D

First of all, let me introduce you my tiny shop. I started my Etsy shop a year and a half ago, because I rediscovered jewelry making and I wanted to create something special, a bit more funky and colorful than what I could find on the market. I am very picky on stuff, so I spend so many hours looking for what I wished for and never found it. Then I just decided to simply do it myself. First thing I knew, my hobby grew way out of hand because it is simply too much fun to do! 
Kirameku was launched. 

My goal was - and still is - a new, fresh and sparkling jewelry line that would help women to feel beautiful and confident about themselves, at prices that would be very affordable. I believe that a happy woman is a gorgeous woman. 

Don`t you have someone in mind when I tell you this? A woman on the bus, or that you have crossed on the street looked so pretty because her cheeks were pink with happiness. That is the feeling I want to convey in my pieces. I think that all women feel even prettier when they are so in love with that new jewelry piece they just bought and that are so happy to wear.

Kirameku is all about sparkling pieces and lovely colors. The materials I use are glass, Swarovski crystals, Preciosa, fresh water pearls and semi precious stones. 

I find my inspiration mostly in Nature - the color mix simply blows my mind - but also in fashion and art. There`s a painting section in my store because it is my biggest passion. I am a graphic designer and a painter. I am in love with colors, typography, art, fashion and glamour ! :D

I love crafts and my latest addiction is Pinterest. I want to start my own diy on my blog since I know so much about so many types of paints and techniques ! :D But this project will have to wait for a few months as my schedule is really full right now. I was a full time student with a part time job when I started my Etsy shop, and now I can officially say that I have graduated from Illustration & Design at Dawson College, completing my 6 years of studies in fine arts and graphic design fields.

On this, thank you so much for reading ! I am really glad I could share my passion with you today! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ! I would love to give you painting tips or make your dream jewelry/painting come to life! :D

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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Here's a 10% discount code for you all as well : BNR09
So guys, what do you think of her things? Leave a comment and let her know =)!

xx Love to you all

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