Wednesday, 8 June 2011

pinterest addiction

hello there,
i've been trying to post something inspirational every few days. i personally think photos take the cake. here are some more from my dreamy inspiration pinterest board. if you want to follow me on there, it would be greatly appreciated! sorry if i don't post something everyday for a while, my computer is acting like a 95 year old...



  1. Pinterest is my latest obsession. I literally can't get enough of it at the moment.

  2. Pinterest is my favorite. I go on there throughout the day to find some of my favorite photographs! These are some lovely ones that you have picked out! I especially like the deer. xx

  3. Love the pictures! =)

    I was doing pinterest a lot but haven't been there in a few days...It's cool site though =)

    Found you through the Etsy blog team =) New follower! =)